Blue Duck Adventure

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We Took the Blue Duck offshore looking for sailfish this Dec. 10.... We couldn't get their attention so after a few mysterious knock downs and a small loop around the atlantic, we headed in toward the Saint Lucie Inlet State Park along the shallow reef. We noticed a school of bluefish hammering some baits, so we decided to stop and catch a few of those on our way in to see if any stone crabs crawled into some of my traps. We were in luck. We pulled up four traps and got twelve claws. The day started out very foggy and cold. The seas were four to six feet with a North wind about 5-10 mph then swiching to NE and warmed up to the seventies by the end of the day. The waves were breaking nice along the inside reef. We saw lots of porpose and turtles that day.

Mario_Blue1 Mario_Blue2 Mario_Blue3 Mario_Blue4

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